The Timeline of Traditional Schools of Jurisprudence

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The Traditional Schools of Jurisprudence are generally accepted as those schools of thought which were created or in common use prior to 1950.  Those in use in the latter half of the twentieth century are referred to as the Contemporary Schools of Jurisprudence.

This timeline is designed solely to reflect the interdisposition of the schools and their causal effects upon each other.  Historical events have been included solely to enhance the reader's knowledge on what was transpiring in the Western world during many of the time frames.  For reasons of space and time constraints, this timeline's historical notes deal primarily with activities and persons which directly affected the United States and Western Europe.  No ethnocentrism is intended in this decision; the designer simply preferred to focus attention upon that portion of the world, since the substantive thrust of this site deals with American Jurisprudence.





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1500 to 500 BC
500 BC to AD 500
AD 500 to 1500
AD 1500 to 1750
AD 1750 to 1850
AD 1850 to 1900
AD 1900 to 1950
Beyond 1950