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The designer of these pages has endeavored to give as much information as possible on the traditional schools of jurisprudence. However, time and space constraints dictate that only pages which were deemed to be relevant and showed promise as being long-standing on the Web were selected for final inclusion in these documents. The inclusion or dismissal of any particualr website should in no way affect its usefulness on the subject at hand.

Thoughout the documents, the designer has attempted to give equal space to each of the seven schools. This attempt, however, is overshadowed by the designer's wish to fully inform his readers on the seven schools. Therefore, the paucity or abundance of information available on any single school should not be construed to mean a preference for one school more than another on the part of the designer. Furthermore, the historical information provided in these documents is designed solely to give the reader a sense of what was transpiring in the world during the times that various authors were writing. Due to the aforementioned constraints of time and space, the designer has chosen to focus on such historical data as has directly influenced the course of Western Europe and America. No ethnocentricism is intended; the designer simply wished to focus the attention in that part of the world, as the information presented herein deals primarily with American schools of jurisprudence.



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